This campaign seeks to engage congregations and people of faith across the country to harness the power of personal stories, acting in community and co-mentoring to increase voter turnout for climate justice in 2020 elections at the local, state and/or federal levels.



Is your spirit calling you to take action in the upcoming 2020 election? Is your spiritual community seeking a way to take action together in this election? Or are you wanting to organize your community to take action? If so, then join EcoFaith Recovery in our campaign to actively engage our congregations and spiritual communities in a focused effort to increase voter turnout for climate justice at the local, state and national levels!



Climate justice recognizes that climate change and social justice are intrinsically linked. We must align human systems with natural ecosystems while simultaneously creating a more just and equitable society for all people. Climate justice calls for protecting the most vulnerable people, sharing the burdens of climate change, and equitably sharing the opportunities created by climate action.

EcoFaith Recovery engages faith communities in the work of climate justice based on five principles that guide our actions.

  • recovering our true vocation as people of faith and citizens of earth;
  • restoring our sanity in the midst of an addictive culture and economy;
  • reconciling a right-relationship with all of creation, including all human communities;
  • rediscovering courage to rise up with the most vulnerable and oppressed in the face of human systems that escalate injustice and climate change;
  • reclaiming our prophetic imagination for the flourishing of an earth-honoring and life-honoring faith, economy, and culture.

Climate justice is a unified call from the deepest truths of our many faith traditions to care for creation, care for all people and work for justice.



  • EcoFaith will offer workshops in writing and telling compelling personal stories that relate our spiritual values to climate justice and our votes. Personal stories are far and away the most effective way to open someone’s heart and mind and move them to action. Powerful stories will amplify the impact of each congregation’s chosen strategy for turning out the vote.  These workshops will be offered via the Zoom online meeting platform.
  • Monthly meetings via Zoom at which leaders from across the country who are interested in or engaged in this campaign can share resources and stories, learn from one another’s challenges and successes, and mentor one another throughout the campaign. Meetings will allow leaders to share their community’s approach for connecting with potential voters and turning out the vote. 
  • We’ll conduct all of our gatherings following a structured meeting script based for spiritual grounding on EcoFaith’s Practices for Awakening Leadership. Our practices ground us in spiritual power, develop relationships and encourage Sabbath that are essential in sustaining us through the challenges of our work, both individually and collectively. EcoFaith Recovery has created a meeting script that can be used by any group, anywhere, seeking to do spiritually grounded climate justice/ecojustice work. The script is available for download from the EcoFaith Recovery website (here).
  • We’ll offer all EcoFaith Recovery communication platforms, including the website, monthly e-news, and Facebook, for participating communities to share their stories about the strategies, successes, challenges, resources and partner organizations that participating communities are using to turn out the vote. 
  • For those who are new to EcoFaith Recovery, or those who desire mentoring in the Practices for Awakening Leadership and how to more deeply engage them using the scripted meeting format, anyone may contact one of our coaches and contract with them on a fee-for-service basis.




Denominational Resources on Engaging Your Faith Community is Public Action (in this case, Voting):
UCC Toolkit:
US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB):
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Care for Creation:
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