EcoFaith’s Vision for the ‘Just Vote’ Initiative


Empowering one another and our communities to “rediscover the courage to rise up with the most vulnerable and oppressed in the face of systems that escalate injustice and climate chaos” is core to the values and vision of EcoFaith Recovery. Faith communities are also formed around core values and commitments about God’s will for the world and the role of human beings in partnering with God to bring that vision more fully into reality. Consequently, faith communities have a very important role to play in any political or electoral process whereby a society seeks to put its values into action.

By all accounts, the upcoming November elections will be enormously important in this regard. While faith communities may not legally endorse candidates in partisan elections, they are free to discuss core values that are important in electoral politics. Individual faith community members are free and encouraged to work on both partisan and nonpartisan campaigns through which they believe the core values of their faith can best be expressed in the political process.

This initiative invites all of us to engage the electoral process from our deepest values, and the leaders of EcoFaith Recovery are committed to supporting YOU as you work with others to “Harness your Values for Climate and Racial Justice” in the electoral process this fall. 


JUST VOTE! And make your vote a JUST VOTE!


Additional Support

As EcoFaith leaders, two of our core practices are “Mentor One Another” and “Act Together.” Join us for Awakening Leadership meetings to gain additional support for your active participation in the electoral process through the JUST VOTE Initiative. Find more resources below for alternative support to assist your active participation in the electoral process!


We are asking that our faith communities and individuals engage in these three actions:


Faith Communities

Individuals & Teams


Just Vote Frequently Asked Questions