Just Vote Example Actions:

Along with many others, I am frightened and angry about the many ways that our country is going in the wrong direction. We can change that by electing political leaders who represent our values. And so I am taking action by organizing members of my church and neighborhood communities to participate with Indivisible.org to send hand-written postcards to voters reminding them to vote by mail.  Especially during this time of COVID, voting by mail is the safest and best way to ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.   
~~Chris B, a Portland, OR resident and church member 
I got connected through Indivisible to send postcards to Florida to encourage people to vote by mail. Not being part of a faith community at the time, I invited friends, neighbors and my Zumba class friends to participate! In all, 39 of us sent 1,000 postcards!
~~Solveig, Pastor and Portland, OR resident
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