ACCESS Spiritual Power: Consciously connect with the indwelling God to rediscover our belovedness, our God-given power, and our place within God’s evolving universe.


We acknowledge and name the destructive powers we experience in our lives, and seek the God of love, whose life-giving power is accessible through our embodied experience in creation.


We acknowledge the ways we isolate ourselves and objectify others, and instead access the power of love by awakening to God’s indwelling presence in the people and other members of God’s creation we encounter.


We acknowledge the ways we have allowed our Scriptures and traditions to be misused as weapons against many, and instead access the power of the God of love to reclaim the rituals and resources of our faiths to honor human dignity and the integrity of creation.

Public Sphere

We acknowledge our collective failures in acting for justice, and instead access the power of the indwelling God of love, who works through public efforts to advance human and environmental justice.