EcoFaith Recovery is a leadership development effort grounded in the Christian tradition and welcoming all who seek recovery from societal addictions to unsustainable ways of life. Our recovery begins as we come out of isolation and rediscover our relatedness to God, ourselves, each other, and the entire earth community of which we are a part.

Our recovery deepens as we call our religious, political and economic institutions to enter recovery with us. We do this by seeding and nurturing eco-spiritual practices within existing faith communities and sponsoring Leadership Development Initiatives which bring leaders together across diverse communities of faith to unleash our spiritual/relational power for the healing of human communities and the web of life of which we are a part.

Read more about some of our Initiatives below. The videos were made by EcoFaith Intern Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath give an overview of some of our Initiatives.

Current EcoFaith Recovery Initiatives:

Internships with EcoFaith Recovery 

are designed to develop leadership capacities in young adults (ages 20 – 35) who want to:

Join people of faith in discovering how deeply affected they are by the prevailing ethos of consumerism, industrial growth society, and their impacts on the web of life;

Share their skills and creativity to enhance EcoFaith Recovery’s vision for expanding the network of faith-based eco-recovery;

Develop their leadership potential by being mentored by a volunteer-leader with shared interests. Learn more here

Weekend Institutes provide a concentrated time of deeply diving into the Practices for Awakening Leadership. Next year, our Institute will be held in April in Portland, OR! Ecofaith is growing all over, and we can’t wait to build our national community, including the practicum students from PLTS and other West-Coast Seminaries. Learn more about the Institute and grants available to ELCA churches to attend and receive post-institute Eco-Reformation project support.

River’s Lament Ritual Walk was first sponsored by the EcoFaith Recovery Core Team under the leadership of Ms. Trista Jolly, Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin and Dr. Ruth Nickodemus in the spring of 2011. Although originally created as one of EcoFaith Recovery “Table Talks”, the power of the ritual was quickly apparent to those who participated. Therefore, EcoFaith Recovery partners with the Care for Creation Trainings, the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Lutherans Restoring Creation for the purpose of training congregations interested in a biblically and theologically grounded process of gracefully greening every area of their ministries. Wilderness Way Community and EcoFaith Recovery Core Team members Solveig, Dave and Turtle have continued to offer this ritual to other groups of interested people.
More here.

Leadership Retreats EcoFaith Recovery offers annual Leadership Retreats. These retreats allow us to spend the day embodying some of EcoFaith Recovery’s core practices  leadership development, spiritual grounding and relational practices. More on these retreats can be found here.

Read about some of our past initiatives below:


Organizing in the Biocommons is an expanding learning community of progressive faith leaders and those of other faith traditions who are together exploring:

The root causes underlying our crisis of economy and ecology,

The impact of this crisis on our families, congregations, institutions and planet,

How to build power to create opportunities within the double
eco-crisis (ecology and economy),

The vast theological and spiritual resources available to inspire and ground this great work of our time.
Learn more here.

Table Talks  The EcoFaith Leadership Core Team sponsors occasional Table Talks on topics related to how human beings can recover a more sustainable way of life.  More on Table Talks can be found here.

We invite you to come and grow with us as a tree of life in these challenging times.

Simply In Season Leadership Training equips new leaders to form small food faith and fellowship groups using the Simply in Season cookbook published by the Mennonite Church. Leaders are trained to start Simply in Season groups which to prepare healthy/sustainable meals, share food in community, engage in Biblical reflection, experiment with new spiritual practices, and learn how the food we eat impacts our bodies, our communities and the larger web of life. Find out more here.

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