The EcoFaith Leader Core Team’s purposes are to:
  1. Gather and connect as EcoFaith Leaders.
  2. Create opportunities for ourselves and larger community for deep education, reflection and agitation.
  3. Through 1 and 2 and any action that arises from them, transform personal and public consciousness.

To do this, our gatherings model the Practices for Awakening Leadership in which we listen deeply, honor the presence of the Spirit in community, and work together to enhance justice for those most marginalized.

The Core Team meets monthly for three hours. Their volunteer leadership shapes and grows the vision of EcoFaith Recovery. If you are interested in learning more about the Core Team email

Core Team Members at the May 2014 monthly meeting. Pictured from Left to Right: Rev. Jack Mosbrucker, Rev. Stuart Holland,Rev. Terry Moe, Dick Harmon, Cheryl Lohrmann, Matt Guynn,Angie Hummel, Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin, Rachael Johnson (staff), Rev. David Eppelsheimer, Rev. Robyn Hartwig, , and Rev. Dan Brunner.

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