REFLECT on Our Actions: Consciously reflect upon and evaluate our actions and the ways we use power, in order to learn and grow into mature and courageous leaders.


We evaluate our actions and the ways we use or experience power, integrating what each experience has to teach us, by regularly reflecting, praying, and/or spending time in conscious relationship with the natural world.


We reflect with others on our actions, as well as our experience and use of power, gaining wisdom from diverse perspectives, and learning from one another.


We create a culture of reflection and evaluation within our communities, regularly assessing power dynamics, and learning from our gatherings and actions, in order to mature as leaders and communities.

Public Sphere

We collectively reflect on and evaluate the power dynamics of all public actions, including their impact on relationship development, leadership capacity, public systems, marginalized communities and the natural world.

Resources for Using Practice Six

Ecological Examen

Rootedness: A Collection of Reflective Poems by EcoFaith Intern Sarah Kretschmann

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