MENTOR One Another: Consciously draw out the gifts, wisdom and life-giving power of others, and share our own, by mentoring and being mentored.


Recognizing the deeply relational nature of the universe, we acknowledge our need for mentors from the whole community of creation for the sake of our own development as leaders.


We are mentored by and mentor others, naming the gifts we recognize in one another, and inviting and extending constructive feedback for the sake of our mutual leadership development.


We seek to develop mentoring relationships and a culture of mutual-mentoring within all of our communities.

Public Sphere

We seek out experienced leaders of public actions to mentor, challenge and teach us as we learn to express our power in the public arena.

Resources for Using Practice Four

EcoFaith’s One-on-One Workbook

Franciscan Action Network One-on-One Visits

You can access mentorship videos on our Youtube page here.