Easter 2014- Workshop led by Rev. Brian Brandt

Intro articles given as background materials for the Easter season workshop

  1. Intro Easter 2014. This is a four-page introduction to the interpretive model I’m using.  I suggest that you READ THIS ONE FIRST, especially if you weren’t at the workshop. Even those of you who were there might find this helpful.
  2. Adaptive Cycle.  Two pages scanned from a book.  It’s got a couple diagrams that will help a lot to understand my interpretive model.
  3. From Complex Regions to Complex Worlds.  This is by C.S. Holling, one of the pioneers of “resilience thinking” which informs my interpretation.  It’s not a real easy read, but give it a try.  Not required reading for making sense of my exegeses.
  4. Dancing With Systems by Donella Meadows.  Meadows (d. 2001) was a brilliant scientist and one of the key authors of the controversial report “Limits to Growth” that came out back in the 1970s.  This short paper offers her guidance for folks to want some real-life benefit from systems-thinking. This is a nice piece of work.  Easier than Holling’s article. Not necessary for reading the biblical interpretation papers.

The papers from the workshop:


February 2014 – Workshop led by Rev. Brian Brandt

Theology a big-picture look at the theology of creation that frames my interpretation.  It also provides some conceptual resources and bibliographic information that could be helpful especially for those who have limited background in ecological theology.

Rights of Earth Community some information about rights for all members of the earth community (as contrasted with rights only for human beings).  That relates particularly to one section of the paper, and is mentioned there.

BrianBrandtRev. Brian Brandt, Ph.D.,concluded seven years as pastor of Central Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon. His doctorate in Christian Ethics, his grateful awareness of God’s presence in creation, and his moral concern about the “geocide” of planet Earth guide his work on creation spirituality and care for creation practices in church settings. In 2008-10, he designed and implemented Central “Creationtide”  worship season, four consecutive autumn Sundays devoted to care for creation themes. Now on leave from parish ministry, he’s working on a book related to Creationtide  a model integrating cosmology and care for creation in various aspects of the Christian life: biblical interpretation, theology, worship, spirituality, and ethics. Pastor Brandt is presently helping the  Lutherans Restoring Creation  program to engage more churches in making care for creation the organizing theme of ministry.  

If you are interested in having Pastor Brandt serve as a presenter or retreat leader, we will be happy to forward to him any email you send to office@ecofaithrecovery.org.

For more on the Preaching in the Biocommons Initiative go here. 


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