ElizabethHerzKamp3My name is Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath, I am an intern for EcoFaith Recovery and my project is to learn more about you!

I have been working on my project for about a year now and I think I am finally getting some clarity about what I am doing. I have silently (and not so silently) collected stories from various individuals connected to the EcoFaith Recovery community. From individuals who are leaders to people who are brand new. From core team leaders to group leaders for Simply in Season, even to my fellow interns.

As some of you may be aware, my intention is to create a series of visual testimonials that share with the community and outside of the community the various elements of EcoFaith Recovery. As a growing and continually expanding network of busy people, this has been quite the feat. There have been contemplative moments during my project that I’ve known I bit off more than I can chew, which has been challenging. Re-framing my project has been more than a reality for me, and I think is true for my fellow interns. As difficulties arise in both my personal life as well as how I am connected to EcoFaith, being open to these changes affecting my project has been important. The physical space of living at Camp Lutherwood and capturing the stories of folks who live in the greater Portland Area has been a challenge (schedules are very difficult!).

I have come to appreciate the willingness and value that this community finds in recording and documenting these testimonials. During an Advent presentation with Pastor Robyn at West Linn Lutheran, I realized how wonderful it is to share the stories of EcoFaith Recovery. You all are up to really cool things, and I am impressed with the passion and efforts to create more sustainable and actively caring lifestyles. Continuing to ask the bigger questions and pursue the difficult answers is, also, not an easy feat. I am humbled to have the opportunity to capture a few stories and hope that my project can be continued with more EcoFaith Interns!

Thank you all for your participation and please look forward to seeing my work!



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Update from Intern Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath
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