Sarah Holst on Internship Opportunities

Who We Are

We are EcoFaith Recovery.  And we are recovering. We are a broad network of volunteer leaders and faith-based communities spreading across the country who are: recovering our true vocation as people of faith and citizens of earth; restoring our sanity in

The Practices

EcoFaith Recovery exists to identify existing and emerging leaders, develop our leadership potential through EcoFaith “Practices for Awakening Leadership,” and lift one another up to support our faith communities in taking courageous public action for the recovery of human life


EcoFaith Recovery is a leadership development effort grounded in the Christian tradition and welcoming all who seek recovery from societal addictions to unsustainable ways of life. Our recovery begins as we come out of isolation and rediscover our relatedness to

EcoFaith Recovery Documents


Call for Eco-Reformation Projects: The Next 500 Years

A number of prominent theologians are now calling for an Eco-Reformation. We in the Pacific Northwest seek to join this work of Eco-Reformation by empowering one another to take action that will remake every aspect of society so that all people of good will can nurture wholesome diversity, resilience, integrity, and beauty within God’s commonwealth of creation.

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