Readings for the classes are available below in pdf format. The most recent readings are at the top. If you have trouble or questions please email Rachael at:

Additional readings for Thursday, March 27

Reading list for Friday, March 20 & Thursday, March 27

Reading list for Thursday, March 6 and Friday, March 7

Please bring the one-pager on Relational Meetings with you to class.

The articles, on slavery and species loss: Do you see a connection between the struggle over human slavery and our captivity to the current system?

Reading List for Thursday session#5 (2.27.14) and Friday Session#3 (2.21.14)

In the Plos One reading, “The Network of Global Corporate Control,” which is fairly technical, go to page 4, Para one under “Discussion,” where the authors’ conclusions are buried.

This session tries to remove the baffling mystery of the economic-financial system, without burying us in technical jargon.



-Please bring the handout on the Polis from last Thursday’s session.

-This piece- a review on Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book on the 6th Extinction

-We will also use hand-outs in the workshop.

Readings for Thursday: Session#2, 1.23.14

Thursday night, Sessions #1 (January 16) and #2 (January 23rd) at Leaven Commons. Readings are for both sessions, we’ll do more economics in the first session, more earth-crisis in the second; that’s one way to sort

Friday day time, #1 (January 17) at Central Lutheran.

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