About Liz:

Liz Fifield currently calls Duluth, MN and Lake Superior home but was born and raised in Southwest Michigan near Lake Michigan and has loved experiencing two dynamic great lakes and their varied communities. She is interested in using her sociology degree and interest in gathering stories and developing relationships with other people who choose to live near the Great Lakes.

She enjoys reading, good food, and slow hikes through the woods and water features of Duluth.


About Liz’s Internship Project:

Liz has chosen to embrace the EcoFaith practice “Discover our stories” to create a space for people of different faith background to share their spiritual connections to nature in general, and the Great Lakes and their surrounding rivers and creeks specifically. She looks forward to incorporating qualitative research methods to identify common threads and unique insights.

Liz’s Internship Blog Posts:

Honoring Stories as a Way to Connect Through Differing Worldviews

Authors as Mentors


Liz’s Internship Project Updates: