Our Children’s Trust – June 4th Rally

ACT Together in Support of Juliana v. United States and the future of our climate


We have an opportunity to organize our faith communities in support of the young people who are standing up for climate justice and for their right to a future that doesn’t include catastrophic climate change. We need strong turn out from communities of faith at a June 4th rally in Portland, Oregon AND as many 5 to 10 second videos of our faith communities voicing support for the plaintiffs.  Read on below to learn more. Our Children’s Trust is expecting over 1,000 people at the rally. Let’s make sure our communities are well-represented in person and by video, letting the world know that faith communities across the country and across religious traditions care about climate justice!


In 2015, twenty-one children and teenagers filed the landmark climate lawsuit Juliana v. United States against the federal government for violating their constitutional rights by locking-in a fossil fuel-based energy system over five decades with full knowledge of the climate impacts it would have on current and future generations. The youth seek a court-ordered national climate recovery plan that will decarbonize our energy system.

The young plaintiffs’ case will be heard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on June 4th in Portland, Oregon—a hearing that will determine when Juliana v. United States will proceed to trial.


Here’s What You Can Do:

  • *Attend the Rally at Director Park in Portland, Oregon  on Tuesday June 4 at 1:30* –  The most important thing you can do is to please attend the rally if at all possible (or send those who can)! The higher the numbers the greater the impact. Come wearing or displaying something that expresses your faith affiliation.
  • Join the Live Stream of the Rally – You can join the live stream of the rally if you can’t make it in person. Follow the link here at 2pm on June 4th: https://www.youthvgov.org/alleyesonjuliana
  • Invite Others –  organize your community of faith to attend the rally together if possible. Who do you know who doesn’t know about this rally? What faith leaders or communities are in your network that you can invite to show up at the rally or what faith communities across the country can you mobilize to send a video? Please send out emails, make calls, and direct people back to this webpage to get up-to-date information on the rally as more information becomes available.
  • Make Signs – Exercise your creative muscles while making a powerful statement for why you care and are showing up (at the park and/or on video). Have  as many people from your faith community as possible sign their name to your sign (especially those who cannot attend the rally), so you can visually demonstrate that your presence represents a much larger group of people. (Combine this with another item on this list like creating signs after your faith community has the climate change sermon the weekend before June 4th.)
  • Create a Short Video – When your faith community has gathered and made signs for the rally, take a short video. Have as many people as possible standing with your community’s sign saying: “we stand with the Juliana youth plaintiffs”. This video will be edited together with clips from other communities and shown at the June 4th rally. So, even if everyone from your community could not attend, they still get a chance to speak up and share their support. Please submit your video clip as directed below. When using smartphones, please hold the phone HORIZONTALLY and not vertically when recording the video.
  • Climate Change Sermon – Have your spiritual community dedicate a whole sermon to climate change, eco-theology, and why this really is a spiritual/moral issue. Please let us know if you would like resources on crafting this sermon by emailing office@ecofaithrecovery.org. The goal is to give this sermon the weekend before June 4th (or some other weekend in advance if necessary) and to have your faith community combine this with creating signs and recording the 5 – 10 second video.
  • Provide Art Build Space in Metro Portland –  350PDX is looking for a large space to assemble giant figures representing all the Presidents from 1950 onward that were aware of climate change but continued to build fossil fuel infrastructure in our country. Please let us know if your community has a building that could be used for an art build by emailing office@ecofaithrecovery.org.


(You will need a Gmail account for link above ↑)

If no Gmail account, you can instead use the free large file emailing service called SecurelySend.

Please email Office@EcoFaithRecovery.org if you have any questions or trouble sending your video.

Current Video Compilation

June 4th Interfaith Gathering at the Rally

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Sponsored by EcoFaith Recovery and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Join other people of faith standing with the courageous youth fighting for their right to a sustainable future. We ask people of faith to join together on the East side of the park between the (empty) fountain and a small park building. This will be an opportunity for faith leaders to wear attire that identifies them as such, and for the faith community to meet one another and show up as a unified interfaith network supporting climate action. Please prioritize the 2:30-3:30 hour for this, during which speeches and music will occur, including a speech by a local faith leader.

Let us know you’re coming – RSVP HERE


Please Note the Pre-Gathering Has Been Cancelled

Given the delays in planning and publicity for the interfaith pre-rally gathering due to the changing time of the hearing, and given that many local people will not be able to spare more than an hour out of their workday to attend the rally, we have altered the plans and will no longer gather at First Congregational UCC or have a pre-rally service there.  It just became too complicated.  The good news is that the speakers’ portion of the rally will begin with two leaders from the faith community—one local indigenous leader and Rabbi Benjamin Barnett So we are going to encourage the faith community to officially gather in the designated location for the faith community near the stage no later than 2:30 p.m.  

All are welcome to gather from 1:30-2:30 to watch the hearing on the live stream and participate in the activities that will be available, but our *ask* of the faith community is to have your folks in the faith community spot in Director Park, with clergy vestments, and signs galore, from 2:30-3:30 p.m.  That way the faith community will be visibly present together for the portion of the rally that is most critical—the speeches (including faith community speeches) and the addresses by the plaintiffs and attorneys after they arrive at Director Park from the courthouse after the hearing.

Finally, we have been notified that everyone is being encouraged to sign in to watch the live stream of the hearing on their devices in order to try to get the largest count ever of people watching the live-stream of a hearing.  To sign in to watch the live stream, click on this link.  And the other way to have the greatest impact is to make those videos of your faith community’s support for the plaintiffs which will be shown at the rally and on social media.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the rally.  Please RSVP or email office@ecofaithrecovery.org so we can try to make a count of how many faith communities participated and be in touch with you for future actions like this.  We’ll also do our best to connect with you on the day of the rally.


Print Resources


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Eowyn Soran Answers Questions Regarding the Case


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