The last four months since my original blog post have been busy. My winter break was dedicated to Jimmy Johns’ and revamping the old EcoFaith website. My mom and I would sit in the living room; I would be in the brown chair with a computer in my lap, while she sat on the love-seat or next to the kitchen table or by the desk. Sometimes I came home after a long shift only to realize she’d been working for five hours continuously.

With my mom doing the brunt of the work, the website was making large strides–until disaster struck. After a seemingly friendly update, every single colon, period, comma, and quotation mark was transformed into a long series of numbers and letters. My job was to rid the interface of this weird code entirely. Unfortunately not a page was left untainted, and I began the tedious job of scanning and deleting.

Gathering and implementing ideas from Pastor Robyn and Jennilee Porch, we decided on a sliding banner and a separate resource page. We tried to simplify the interface by minimizing the tabs and using a white theme. Although some pages are identical to the previous website, we tried to redesign main pages by adding plugins and flipsnack pdfs.

Throughout my internship, I have definitely learned patience and time management skills. With the full workload of college, I don’t have unlimited time to resolve coding issues. Since I’m only allotted a specific amount of free time, I try to work efficiently, relying on my mom for guidance when the solution is unclear. For my remaining time as an intern, I intend to edit and upload more Eco-Reformation videos to the website and facebook, along with writing website “how-to” documents for future interns.


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Winter Break & Website Revamp (by Intern Chloe Mankin)

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