IMG00333-20101003-1346The Pity of It All.


Three Giant Sequoia , a 100 years old, all cut down in a day. One intrepid planner asleep at the wheel. “It would have cut down on the developer’s profit maximization” paraphrasing a current Washington County Planner’s words.


It happened quickly. One sunny afternoon, driving west on Pioneer Road, and out of the corner of my right eye, brown, dirt, “hey, something’s changed,” on to the store. The next day driving by again, suddenly realizing that the trees were gone! Three beautiful 100 year old Giant Sequoia cut down. How did this happen? Not a protected species said the Washington County Planner, anyway, saving them would have meant two less houses. How could this have happened? The public hearing was eight years ago (no statute of limitations?) Are trees of this magnitude only allowed on the Washington County Courthouse Grounds? I gotta eat too, said the BDZ Contractor. Could a neighborhood association made a difference? Progress can be an ugly thing. They are gone and they are not coming back.


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The Rape on Pioneer Road: Three Giant 100 Year Old Sequoia are no more (by Lloyd Meyer, Simply in Season Group Member)
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