Donald is an EcoFaith leader riding the People’s Climate Train. The People’s Climate Train offers a once in a lifetime experience for participants to spend days together networking, sharing knowledge and skills, organizing and building towards a landmark moment in the climate movement.

The train is bound from the SF Bay Area to New York City on September 15 for the People’s Climate March happening on September 21st, the largest demonstration ever to demand action on climate change. This mass march will coincide with the United Nations Climate Summit taking place in the following days, to which the leaders of 180 countries have been invited.

The People’s Climate Train is picking up activists and concerned citizens in Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago and more, before arriving in NYC on Thursday the 18th. Along the way there will be teach-ins, trainings, mixers, and movement-building workshops.

There are events across the country, get linked up and see what’s happening in your community by going here.

Link up with folks in the Portland, Oregon area here.


Donald has been sending us photos and descriptions as the train rides East. Below are a selection of those photos. We will post more photos throughout the week.

A bigger rally in Reno. Things are getting exciting!!

Climate Train - Reno


Glenwood Springs rally with peaches
Climate Train - 3
Climate Train -1
Colorado coal
Climate Train - Coal





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Riding the People’s Climate Train (by EcoFaith Leader Donald McKinlay)

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