I am a fifty-five-year-old mother of five grown children. I am married to my best friend and greatest supporter Michelle. I was a teacher for thirty-one years in the state of Hawaii. I am a life-long Lutheran and I decided to follow my call to ministry. I am looking forward to using my calling to share my faith with others.

I have applied for this EcoFaith Recovery Cohort to be a part of change within the church that I belong to. Living in Berkeley I have seen so many more ways to take care of the environment and be better stewards of our planet. In Hawaii we do limited recycling and very little composting. Berkeley has a coordinated system for collecting recyclables and composted materials. The state of Hawaii has pushed for more solar energy to power homes and many people are driving electric vehicles. If we work together, we can accomplish more than when we act alone.

Current Engagement with The Practices

The seven Practices for Awakening Leadership are very well rounded. I believe I already engage in accessing spiritual power, developing relationships and mentoring one another. I have engaged in these both as a teacher, as a union leader, student association secretary and within my roles with Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. I look forward to learning about and incorporating into my spiritual practices the other four practices.

Practicum Focus

I have worked on a congregational campaign to sustain a community feeding program that provides a hot meal, a sandwich, water and fresh fruit to a community of people who are houseless and live on the beach. I would like to create a network of chaplaincy ministry for small nursing homes which do not have resources to provide for their residents. I would also like to work with congregations to create green campuses like the green seminary initiative at PLTS.