Kelly Miller-Sanchez is a second-career seminarian at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, where she completed a concentration in Climate Justice and Faith.  She serves a concurrent internship at Faith Lutheran Church in Castro Valley, California.  Her first career was as a physician practicing Family Medicine for almost 30 years.  Climate activism arose from the intersection of her scientific and theological backgrounds.  Kellystands convicted by the ecological imperatives of the climate crisis and its impacts on all earthly creation, as well as the biblical precepts of Creation Care and Love of Neighbor, which require an active response to our current climate urgencies.

Kelly is particularly interested in the role modern agriculture has played in the climate crisis, and in promoting food sustainability as a pivotal piece of the climate solution.  She is drawn to EcoFaith Recovery due to our common understanding of the climate crisis as a faith issue that needs to be addressed head-on by religious communities and looks forward to learning and sharing tools and techniques for bringing that message to wider audiences.