My name is Carolyn Brodt and I am a second career seminarian at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley in my third academic year. Prior to seminary, I had a long career as a non-profit executive, CEO of a dental managed care plan and worked in public and international health. One of my favorite verses is from the Old Testament, Micah 6:8, “what does the Lord require of us, to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” This verse is what motivates me to live-out my Christian faith in the world. I realized this past year that theologically, I am an Ecofeminist.

I have joined the EcoFaith Practicum because I have had decades of interest in what we now call Earth Justice. I was a part of a group of students in high school who started an advocacy and recycling program called Ecology Action in the 1970s. This group was short lived but was successful in affecting regulations in the City of Roseville to include bike lanes. Today, Roseville has extensive bike lanes as a part of all major roads and dedicated bike trails. As someone who enjoys being out in nature, I have seen first hand the effects of global warming with the extensive forest fires and beetle blight experienced in Northern California and the effects of rising ocean temperatures on reefs. I have a life long interest in caring for our planet including the animals and plants that populate the earth.

Current Engagement with The Practices

I would say that I am engaged in Access Spiritual Power and I am working on Restore Balance practices. As I work to define and refine my theological voice, I have become increasingly more aware of how God is not only in nature but speaks to us through nature. I want to Restore Balance within my life; however, I feel that there is only so much I can do without more scientific information and discussion so I am able to discern the correct direction with respect to the practice.

Practicum Focus

As an ecofeminist, I would like to have experience incorporating Earth Justice into my ministry and into my theological voice. By having the opportunity to incorporate the EcoFaith Recovery Practicum into my internship experience, I will have a chance to begin dialog with pastors and laity about earth justice issues and will try to discern how to get a congregation interested in the topic. Additionally, I would be interested in applying community organizing principles with respect to practices that support earth justice and conduct outreach and advocacy in the greater community.

Additionally, in my internship and hopefully future ministry settings, I would address food insecurity and supportive services to people/families/youth experiencing homelessness. In my ideal future ministry, I would be part time in a congregation and part time working with people experiencing homeless. The project/program that I would like to create is a chaplaincy program for adults, seniors, youth and families who are living on the streets of Sacramento. Ideally, this chaplaincy program would meet individuals where they are to listen, offer companionship, and provide opportunities for spiritual growth and connection through spiritual practices and possibly worship. All people would be welcomed and would be treated with respect and dignity. By all people, I mean all races, genders, cultures and religious traditions and those who do not identify with any religion. Even though I see myself working with homeless; I would want to integrated earth justice as part of any ministry that I may be involved with.