EcoFaith Recovery is a 100% donor supported faith-based organization. Your generous donation provides the part-time staffing, website, and communications tools our volunteer leaders need to dream up and implement new EcoFaith initiatives every year.

Please consider a one-time gift or a sustaining monthly circle donation. Thank you!

Thank you! Your gift payable to EcoFaith Recovery is tax-deductible under the 501(c)(3) status of our fiscal sponsor, Salt and Light Lutheran Church, Portland, OR.

Fiscal Sponsor

EcoFaith Recovery exists under the fiscal sponsorship of Salt and Light Lutheran Church (formerly known as Redeemer Lutheran Church) of Portland, Oregon, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. U.S. federal EIN/Tax ID number is 93-0637109.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

Designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to EcoFaith Recovery by by March 31st of Each Year.

Our fiscal sponsor, Salt and Light Lutheran Church, has graciously agreed to pass along to us any donations explicitly earmarked for EcoFaith Recovery. Use our fiscal sponsor if you desire to designate your Choice Dollars to EcoFaith Recovery, and be sure to let know that you want those dollars to be directed to EcoFaith.

How to designate dollars to EcoFaith Recovery:

  • Go to Thrivent Choice and login.
  • Click “Direct Choice Dollars.”  Thrivent Choice Dollars for MUST be directed by 3/31 each year. These are “use or lose funds.”
  • Select “Direct to a new organization.” Type “Salt and Light Lutheran Church” into keywords (EcoFaith’s fiscal sponsor).
  • Select “Direct Now” to donate to EcoFaith Recovery through Salt and Light Lutheran Church.
  • Salt & Light’s US Federal/Tax ID Number: 93-0637109.
  • Email to let us know that you are generously designating your dollars to EcoFaith Recovery via Salt & Light Lutheran Church as well as how much you are donating. This will allow us to contact Salt & Light and have them mark this gift for EcoFaith Recovery.

If you have any trouble or questions please contact