Portland Clean Energy Updates


Background on the Portland Clean Energy Fund:

Formerly the Portland Just Energy Transition Initiative.

Cities all over the world are taking the lead in responding to climate change. In the United States over 1,000 mayors (including Portland’s) have signed the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. Since the election, it is obvious that we cannot expect the federal government to act on climate issues. The measure is an opportunity for Portland to become a national model for taking proactive measures to fight climate change while providing major new economic opportunities for low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

Through EcoFaith Recovery’s Beyond Fossil Fuels Initiative, faith communities are embarking on an exciting new strategy for organizing around this Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) — a strategy that is…

● Spiritually grounded and Relational

● Ecumenical

● Supported with skilled coaching

● Rooted in EcoFaith Recovery’s Practices for Awakening Leadership






Portland Clean Energy Fund Organizing 

Read the latest Portland Clean Energy Fund Updates here

Participate in Monthly First Saturday gatherings with fellow leaders from other communities of faith: Email office@ecofaithrecovery.org for more information

Portland Clean Energy Fund Songs:

We Wanna Get P-CEF Passed 
(tune of Hard Day’s Night)

We’re Talkin’ About Passin P-CEF
(tune of Revolution by the Beatles)


Portland Clean Energy Fund Resources:

EcoFaith PCEF Phase 2 Campaign Framework and Strategy




Contact Office@ecofaithrecovery.org if you have any questions.

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