When do you experience God the most vividly? For me, it’s often when I’m
working side by side with others for the common good. So, the Portland Clean Energy Initiative
(PCEI) has made God more vivid to me since May. I believe in my bones that
God is on the side of the oppressed, and PCEI is, too.

I got a jolt of joy from this collaborative piece being published in the Catholic Sentinel:
 Catholics Can Vote For God’s Creation. And a bigger jolt of joy from Solveig’s gutsy teaming
with other faith leaders and Verde last Thursday in delivering a message
to the PCEI-opposed Portland Business Alliance.

The work and vividness of God are peaking in these final
days before the Nov. 6th election.

Phone calling and canvassing still needed!
Remember to tell fellow voters:
drop-box voting only at this point
 (nothing mailed will be counted).
You could join me, Scott and Solveig for canvassing this afternoon, gathering 1 p.m. at APANO, 2788 SE 82nd.
And here’s a dispatch from our good friend Lenny Dee:

I’m literally talking to Voters on the phone as they’re filling out their ballots.
Come on down to Sierra Club
(1821 SE Ankeny St) to make phone calls for PCEI —
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Onward in faith and community,


Alison Wiley
latest article: Five Ways To Fight Oppression With Your Portland Ballot

Co-chair, EcoFaith arm of
Portland Clean Energy Initiative  (PCEI) campaign