Hello friends!

Social justice and Creation-care really come together in PCEF.

As Suzan and I agreed during the good signature-kit-building party
last Saturday morning, we love that we are now able to do something
(gather signatures!), rather than talking about doing something.
As Ed wrote last week, Alleluia!


Putting faith into action, here is what my co-chair
Scott and I need from you to move forward.

Note: We do have the pledge-cards many of you did at our March 10th meeting
at Central Lutheran. We still need the following information, please.


Please reply (don’t reply-all) with

  • Your name (we often can’t tell this from an email address)
  • Name of your church
  • How many signature-gathering kits does your church need? (figure one per person who is gathering signatures. Signature-gatherers don’t have to go to your church, but all gatherers must be trained.)
  • Name of the person coordinating PCEF signatures at your church (if you are the only one so far, this would be you ?)

Alison Wiley
Lincoln St Methodist Church
Need 4 signature-gathering kits
PCEF Coordinator for Lincoln ST: Alison Wiley


Please reply with the above info even if Scott and I already know some or all of this.
Scott and I will then coordinate with you to get your signature-gathering kits to you.

Our EcoFaith meeting at 9:30 a.m. this Saturday May 12th is one way, among
others, this can happen.

Scott will soon be sending out an email soon about trainings this week, and more.


Thanks and blessings!

Alison Wiley

Co-chair, EcoFaith arm of PCEF campaign