Dear friends,

I’m sitting here in the Sierra Club/Portland Clean Energy Initiative office, after a brief prayer break (Practice 1) out in the glorious God-given sunshine. I’ve been reflecting that God is on the side of the oppressed, and that getting PCEI passed will help to overcome economic, racial and environmental oppression. Remembering that when I’m dizzy and overwhelmed helps me feel like my feet have roots going down into the earth, like the tree in the EcoFaith logo.

As usual, I have cool things to invite you to. One is this Friday (sorry for short notice, seems to be the nature of campaigns) and one is this Sunday (aren’t you glad for the advance notice?).

Ballot Bash Canvass and Celebration

What: Canvass + Volunteer Appreciation Party

Ballots will have started hitting mailboxes by Friday! Let’s go talk to those voters. After, let’s PARTY! We are entering into the final stretch here, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), and it’s time we take a moment to eat some delicious chili and cornbread, drink some beer and wine, and enjoy each other’s company! Y’all have been PHENOMENAL and we (the campaign + EcoFaith + Alison Wiley) want to show the love.

Where: Sierra Club, 1821 SE Ankeny St.

When: This Friday, Oct. 19, canvass starts at 3:30, party starts whenever you’re done! (6/6:30)

Who: Any and all PCEI Volunteers, including data entry/phone banking volunteers! Please feel free to bring your families, kids, partners, etc.

RSVP for the Canvass here.


PCEI Canvas with Frontline Communities  APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon) and OPAL Environmental Justice
Sunday October 21st
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  and 1 p.m. -4 p.m.  (I know which one works better for churchgoers)
2788 SE 82nd  #203 (APANO office)


warmth and faith,

Alison Wiley
Co-chair, EcoFaith arm of
Portland Clean Energy Initiative  (PCEI) campaign
(541) 295-0255

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