The EcoFaith Recovery movement consists of everybody who is helping unfold the vision of equipping faith-based leadership for the recovery of human life and the healing of creation! We celebrate the often unnoticed ways this movement is emerging while also hoping you might consider a more formal relationship with EcoFaith Recovery. If you desire, you can express your intention today to become either a Member (sign up below), Journeyer or Friend of EcoFaith Recovery.

The primary characteristics of each are:

* Members commit to engage the “Practices for Awakening Leadership” with a congregational team, get involved with at least one EcoFaith Recovery Initiative during the year, and offer a financial contribution of at least $10 or more per month.

* Journeyers  participate in at least one EcoFaith Recovery Initiative during the year to deepen their experience with the “Practices for Awakening Leadership,” consider how they might engage the Practices with a congregational team in the future, and offer at least $10 per month.

* Friends  are most often those at a distance who desire to support the growth of this ministry with their finances, gifts and/or skills. They are those who are excited about helping grow EcoFaith Recovery to offer it as a model to others around the country.

To join in membership, please simply fill out the form below.

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