A Grounded Faith: Reconnecting with Creator and Creation in the Season of Lent

In the one hundred days leading up to Earth Day 2022, congregations and individuals around the nation will be participating in a unique journey with transformative potential. Randy Woodley—recognized Cherokee descendant, writer, professor and co-sustainer of Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center for Earth Justice in Yamhill, OR—will lead us on this journey with his forthcoming book, Becoming Rooted: One Hundred Days of Reconnecting with Sacred Earth. Inspired by indigenous wisdom, Becoming Rooted invites us to live out a deeply spiritual relationship with the whole community of Creation and with Creator.
A Grounded Faith is designed to be a Lenten companion to Becoming Rootedalthough it can also be used as a stand-alone Lenten resource. The devotional invites participants to reconnect with our Creator and with Creation as a core dimension of Christian practice. Journey with the authors through 40 days of exploring Lenten themes of sin, confession, repentance, renewal, the way of the cross, and the miracle of the resurrection in dialogue with Scripture and an indigenous worldview. Experience different visions of what “a grounded faith” looks like as a path towards a decolonized discipleship and a holistic, place-based worldview.

Authors include:
  • Tommy Airey, co-founder of radicaldiscipleship.net, author of Descending Like a Dove: Adventures in Decolonizing Evangelical Christianity (2018)
  • Cherice Bock, Theology Professor, Creation Justice Advocate for Oregon Interfaith Power and Light
  • Michael Ellick, UCC Pastor, Director of Public Engagement for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
  • Joshua Grace, Street artist, intercultural learner & educator, board member of Eloheh
  • Solveig Nilsen-Goodin, Interim Pastor, Salt and Light Lutheran Church, EcoFaith Recovery leader
  • Janet Parker, UCC pastor, Christian ethicist, EcoFaith Recovery leader
  • Jim Sequeira, Pastor, Cascade View Covenant Church, board member of Eloheh

EcoFaith Recovery has created a listserv for people who want to share worship resources with one another to support your congregation’s engagement with Becoming Rooted during the entire 100 days, including but not limited to Lent and Holy Week. If you want to integrate insights and perspectives from the book into your church’s worship experience and share ideas with others, sign up for the new listserv BecomingRootedWorship@ecofaithrecovery.org on the EcoFaith website’s RSVP page (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Or email office@ecofaithrecovery.org and request to be added to the listserv.

About the Devotional
Each day’s entry will contain a Scripture passage, an excerpt from Becoming Rooted, a reflection by one of the writers, and a suggested practice for the day. For more details, to receive information about purchasing the devotional or to inquire about a discount for orders of 5 or more devotionals, contact Janet Parker, revjanet@ecofaithrecovery.org
For those using A Grounded Faith as a companion to Randy Woodley’s book, you may order Becoming Rooted  here.
 Prices for A Grounded Faith:
  • Click here to order the printable pdf or ebook = $3 (ebook available in epub or mobi format—both work on Kindle and other devices)
  • Click here to order the print copy: (5.5 x 8.5 booklet) = $12
  • Barclay Press will offer a 20 percent discount to anyone who orders five or more copies ($9.60 per book)
  • Barclay Press will offer a 25 percent discount to anyone who orders ten or more copies ($9 per book)
  • Barclay is making shipping and handling free on all orders of this book!
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