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Creating a new EcoFaith Document? 

To ensure that the documents we create for EcoFaith leaders will be available to them into the future, your EcoFaith document needs to be created in one of the blank documents linked above. This will keep the “owner” of the document EcoFaith and it won’t get lost or deleted later on.

Please make sure to create your document by editing one of the blank docs available at the link above.

Helping EcoFaith with Fundraising?

You’ll find all the resources you need to jump in and help EcoFaith raise the funds we need to be sustainable well into the future. Thank you!!

Volunteering at an Event or Wanting to Add an Event?

Email Office@ecofaithrecovery.org with the relevant event information and what supplies you will be needing.

See the RSVP page for current events listed.

EcoFaith supply closets are housed both in St. Andrew Lutheran Church (Beaverton, OR) and Central Lutheran Church (Portland, OR). Please notify office@ecofaithrecovery.org, pastorrobyn@ecofaithrecovery.org, and coordinator@ecofaithrecovery.org if you will be using supplies from either of the closets.

Need Money for a Project or Action?

Thrivent Financial members can request grants of $250 to help support a team project, action, etc. Money can be used mainly for supplies.

Want to Submit a Blog or Resource?

EcoFaith Recovery leaders near and far benefit from the resources on our website in engaging more with The Practices for Awakening Leadership. Videos, documents, art, songs, links, and much more can be shared through the link above. Thank you!!

Listserv Best Practices

Please see this page: EcoFaith Listserv Best Practices

If you would like to be added to one of our listerves please email office@ecofaithrecovery.org

Zoom Tech Tutorial

Tutorial about how to Host a Zoom meeting:
Zoom Tech Tutorial

With more questions please email office@ecofaithrecovery.org

Questions? Email Office@ecofaithrecovery.org


Link to Thursday Mutual Mentoring Meeting Slides