EcoFaith Listserv Best Practices


When emailing the listserv…

  • Identify (who we are or how you are connected)
  • Describe (especially if you are forwarding something or inviting people to join you in an action or event, please first indicate how it is directly related to EcoFaith’s mission and ideally one of EcoFaith’s Practices for Awakening Leadership)
  • Relationality (such as speaking from our own experience rather than generalizing, refraining from spamming this listserv, being positive with one another even when we are not positive about something that is happening in the larger world, and picking up the phone or requesting a relational conversation rather than getting into heated exchanges on the list.)


Add this Footer to your listserv email

If you would like to unsubscribe from this listserv, please email

**It is very important to inform people of how to appropriately unsubscribe, because otherwise they will email the whole list and clutter up people’s inboxes.


Thank you! And happy sharing.


Please send any questions to

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