Internship with Stipend in Audio/Video Production – Winter 2012-2013

EcoFaith Recovery is seeking an intern who can help us make our work visible in engaging and exciting ways by creating videos or other audio/visual tools that can be posted on our website and facebook page and shared in other ways.  Our initial idea (which is just a starting place, and open to your ideas and suggestions) is that the intern would produce a couple of short videos and get them posted.  One of those videos would feature EcoFaith Recovery’s Organizer/Pastor, Robyn Hartwig, speaking about what EcoFaith Recovery is, how it came into being, and how to get involved, and at least one other that features a few of EcoFaith Recovery’s leaders, speaking about their own work and passions.  We’d love to hear your ideas about creating videos that are inviting, engaging, and will help people understand and be inspired by what we are doing.


Mission Statement

EcoFaith Recovery nurtures faith-based recovery groups and relational leadership networks to help individuals, communities and institutions emerge from our intoxication with consumerism1 to recover our relatedness to God, ourselves, one another, and the entire Earth community. In this way, EcoFaith Recovery promotes leadership development, theological reform and renewal of community life in the Pacific Northwest and offers a practical model for people of faith throughout the country.  You can find more at our website:


The Internship

This internship is part of a large program, and is for young adults (especially ages 18 – 29) who want to:

1.   Join others in discovering how deeply affected they are by the prevailing ethos of consumerism in our society and its impact on the biosphere;

2.   Share their skills and creativity to enhance EcoFaith Recovery’s vision for expanding the network of faith-based eco-recovery;

3.   Develop their own leadership capacity by being mentored by a leader with shared interests.


Grants of up to $1000 are available to support this work.

If you are interested in this specific internship, or want to propose a different one, please request an application from Pastor Robyn Hartwig at

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