I am feeling very fortunate at this time: retired, economically secure and in a mutually nurturing relationship. Blessed, blissed and truly grateful.

Let me share why it s important to me to share my blessings by donating to a frontline community and EcoFaith Recovery. Will you join me in doing the same as you are able?

I see many other people struggling at this time. Some have lost their jobs. Some are trying to keep their small business afloat for just one more day. Not just a small business: their livelihood and their dream.

Others are on the front lines of the pandemic working in public spaces. In grocery stores. In the fields. In the food processing plants. Required to work due to edict or personal circumstances with minimal personal protection and anxious about their exposure.

I ponder what I can do to help those who are struggling. I order takeout from my neighborhood restaurants and chat with the owners. I continue our work at EcoFaith Recovery to restore balance between humanity and Creation. I organize my faith community (Waverly UCC) to act for climate justice.

So what about this stimulus check? Many people needed it to support themselves to partially make up for a lost job. I don’t need it.

The dominant capitalist narrative says I should spend it on something. Maybe a new computer to replace this brick of a laptop still running Windows 7. Or a fancy new phone.

No, that is not the stimulus that I want. I want to help stimulate justice and transformation. A transformation to a more equitable, caring and sustainable economy. One where everyone has access to basic needs of shelter, food, education, healthcare and natural spaces.

So I’ll donate my stimulus check to climate justice organizations, such as EcoFaith Recovery, and frontline communities such as Western Farm Workers. I will do it now.

If you are able, please join me in making matching donations to a frontline community and EcoFaith Recovery (www.ecofaithrecovery.org/donate).

  • Scott Shurtleff (Volunteer Leader, EcoFaith Recovery Portland-area Cohort)
Creating the Stimulus that We Want (by EcoFaith Leader Scott Shurtleff of Waverly Heights UCC)