Living Wisely in an Age of Foolishness: Permaculture as the Practice of WisdomTable Talk image

An EcoFaith Recovery Table Talk

May 22nd 6:45pm – 9pm, Salt and Light Lutheran, 5431 NE Killingsworth Ave

We live in a pathological civilization.  Farming practices deplete topsoil at alarming rates, chemical spills poison rivers, and our energy use hemorrhages CO2 at rates that are quickly changing the stability of our global climate.  We need a revolution, but still depend on this pathological way of life, for we do not know how else to live.  How will we warm and clothe ourselves?  From where will our food come, if not from industrial agriculture?  Bill Mollison, co-founder of permaculture, reminds us of the “futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”

In this Table Talk, we will be exploring the intersection of permaculture and the ancient wisdom of Scripture in hopes of animating new ways of life.  Taking our cue from the Hebrew sages, we will explore how attention to Sophia—the divine Wisdom who is manifested in creation—helps us to live in ways that work with, rather than against nature to create regenerative and resilient communities.  By learning the patterns of creation and practicing permaculture, we can live wisely in a foolish age.

Lizz Schallert and David Pritchett are recovering consumers and permaculturists who recently moved to Portland.

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Details for the evening:

6:45 Arrive

7:00 Introduction

7:10 Grounding

7:20 Present State of Affairs

7:30 Group discussion of Civilizational Pathologies

7:40 Theological Work

8:10 One-to-One responses

8:25 Permaculture Principles

8:45 Small Group discussion: which principle resonates with you? Which one do you feel the need to implement in your life?

8:55 Closing

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