Would you like to join a dedicated group of EcoFaith Leaders meeting via Zoom? We meet every Thursday to mentor each other on organizing our communities for action, developing our leadership and relationships, and spiritually grounding ourselves for this long-term work of creating a sustainable future.

Practice #5: Act Together, of our Practices for Awakening Leadership, calls us to “join or develop community organizing efforts, through which we… act together to promote greater justice for human communities and the community of creation.” Let’s join together in mentoring for action to create a greater impact in 2021.

 Thursday Mutual Mentoring 
8:45am – 10:15am (PST)
Feel free to invite others!
We ground ourselves spiritually and engage in important relational building for the long range work of climate justice, recovering human life and healing God’s creation.
Join in this Thursday. 
You have a place among us here.

PLEASE NOTE: Every fourth Thursday our meeting joins the Red, Black, and Green New Deal Ally meeting. Learn more about that here.
Questions? Please email Office@EcoFaithRecovery.org
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