All of You Who Gave Financially in 2015 All Of You Who Have Made Pledges of Your Leadership to EcoFaith Recovery for 2014. 2015/2016 Leadership Pledges coming soon!
18th Ave Peace House
Adriana Voss-Andreae
Adrienne Dickinson
Alys Allwardt
Amalia Vagts
Amanda Bollman
Angie Hummel
Anita Hill
Bill Bekemeier
Bruce Strade
Calvary Lutheran Church
Cecil Denney
Cheryl Lohrmann
Chris Bekemeier
Claudia Keith
Craig Christensen
Craig Heverly
Cynthia & Ronald Moe-Lobeda
Dan Bagwell
Dan Brunner
Dana Brown
Dave Brauer-Rieke
Dave Pritchett
David Eppelsheimer
Dick Harmon
Don Nearhood
Donna Maire
Doris Nielsen
Emily Herbert
Eric Luttrell
Finn Lambourn
Fraser Rasmussen
Gail Sieckman
Gary Grafwallner
Gene Hartwig
Gerry & Bob Grover
Gretchen Bancroft
Heather Moline
Jack Mosbrucker
Janet Parker
Janice Denney
Jeanne Cunningham
Jennifer Gerlach
Jim Kowalski
John Herbert
John McSwigan
John Rodgers
Johnette Orpinela
Judy Scholz
Leo Bancroft
Lois Jordahl
Lorna Grohman
Marilee Dea
Mark Alter
Mark Brocker
Marty Crouch
Meg Ruby
Michael Colvin
Michael Heumann
Mission of the Atonement
Myrna Dunnigan
Nikki Reutter-Harrah
Pat Andeen
Rachael Johnson
Regina Hartwig
Rick Hartwig
Robin Fladebo
Robyn Hartwig
Ronda Bard
Ruth Nickodemus
Sara Samuelson
Sharon Delcambre
Sigrid Kellenter
Solveig Nilsen-Goodin
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Stanley Aschenbrenner
Sue Koger
Sue Thornton
Terrell Voss
Terry Moe
Aimee Bruno
Angie Hummel
Arlene Webb
Brian Brandt
Cecil Denney
Cheryl Lohrmann
Dan Brunner
David Pritchett
David Eppelsheimer
Dick Harmon
Fraser Rasumussen
Jack Mosbrucker
Jennilee Porch
Lizz Schallert
Matt Cummings
Matt Guynn
Michael Hall
Michael Colvin
Pat Sandquist
Robyn Hartwig
Roger Sandquist
Sharon Delcambre
Solveig Nilsen-Goodin
Terry A. Moe


Join Us


Join us as a Journeyer

Our 2014 Financial & Leadership pledges are here.  

Our 2013 Financial & Leadership pledges are here. 

Please notify if your name is missing from the lists above. We would like to have the full community of those who make this ministry possible visible!

…Paul Navarre who has donated website hosting and occasional support  through his company Net Interaction since our inception.

….Michael Colvin for volunteering to design our new banner.

… All of you who participate in this effort in any way, whether near or far. With your support, this effort will continue to grow and thrive!

Thank you!


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