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About Beyond Fossil Fuels – an Initiative of EcoFaith Recovery

Join Christians and others of good will who are ready to move beyond fossil fuels and who seek spiritual grounding, shared values, common practices, and real relationships from which to act. . . and act powerfully!

The EcoFaith Recovery Beyond Fossil Fuels Organizing Team invites you to join us for our monthly Grounding for Action organizing meeting. Grounding for Action is facilitated by leaders from EcoFaith Recovery’s Beyond Fossil Fuels Organizing Team. Interested in joining the Organizing Team? Email Office@ecofaithrecovery.org

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Grounding for Action will be utilizing the meeting format outlined in EcoFaith’s Practices for Awakening Leadership! We are the first EcoFaith’s Initiatives to engage this new model and can therefore pave the way (or de-pave the way, for us ecologically-oriented types) for other initiatives, as well as our own congregational teams!
What to expect:BFF- Nov 2013


…in relationships and other practices from community organizing (IAF)

…in spirituality and scripture from the Christian tradition

…in values and language from the tradition of Kingian nonviolence

…in the wisdom of the 12-step Recovery movement.



As a Grounding for Action group, we will be in active discernment about how we grow as leaders and answer our calls to active resistance.

  • How do we prepare for a decision like this?
  • How can we support one another?
  • How can we build the movement together?
  • We’ll share together about this “moment in the movement”
  • We will each have time in small groups to reflect and share about climate change organizing in our own congregations. (Wherever you are is perfect. . . and what’s the next step?)
  • How do we discern the most powerful campaigns, actions, and initiatives to put our growing  power behind?

BFFThese G4A meetings are coming to serve a triple purpose:

1) for all participants each month: support/grounding/updates to nourish and inspire our own organizing in our own congregations, and

2) for a few who step up each month: a lab to build skills of leadership that can help you succeed in your own organizing work.

3) for all of Ecofaith Recovery: As G4A/Beyond Fossil Fuels grows in our ability to discern powerful focus for public action on climate change, we are becoming a leverage point that can help catalyze the entire Ecofaith Recovery network. 

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