“Sing the Signs” at the Youth Climate Strike

EcoFaith Recovery in partnership with GreenFaith Wyeast

Friday, September 15

11 am meet up at the east side of Terry Schrunk Plaza


Remember the Youth Climate Strike during September 2020? Thousands of youth, along with many parents and elders, rallied downtown near Portland City Hall, followed by a lively march across the river. We showed up as EcoFaith Recovery to join the march and, in a spirit-inspired decision, stationed ourselves at a corner, sang songs, and beat drums. We nimbly picked up our song lyrics from the youth’s signs.


We’re calling it “Sing the Signs” and we’re going to do it again this coming Friday, September 15th at this year’s Youth Climate Strike! 


Here is the flow for the event. Bring good walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, water, a percussion instrument, and your full self!


  • Show up at the east side of Terry Schrunk Plaza by 11am. Look for the EcoFaith Recovery banner or the GreenFaith Wyeast sign.

  • We’ll gather for a brief spiritual grounding around 11:15 wherever we can find a suitable spot.

  • We’ll send a couple of scouts ahead of the march to claim a corner..

  • The rest of us will gather up at the corner, where we’ll “Sing the Signs” as the youth march past.

  • Join the end of the march to Revolution Hall, go back to work, or head home as you need.


I’m going because I think it’s vitally important to support the youth and amplify the youth voices. It’s their futures that are on the line in the face of accelerating climate change. Not to mention that it is a joyful activity!


Today’s column in The NY Times Climate forward makes participation feel even more important to me.


Global climate efforts still aren’t enough to avoid calamity


We need to pressure our elected officials at all levels to take meaningful and sustained climate action. Let’s get out there again this year to support the youth in their call for a livable future!