People who are regularly engaged with one or more EcoFaith Initiatives and have a high level of familiarity with EcoFaith’s Practices for Awakening Leadership are welcome to host a table by simply communicating with EcoFaith’s Administrative Assistant at or the coordinator of the EcoFaith Initiative with which they are engaged.
EcoFaith Recovery Display Table Resources boxes are typically located in an EcoFaith Resource closet. Since EcoFaith Recovery does not have office space, storage closets are typically offered by faith communities that have leaders engaged with EcoFaith Recovery. (Contact to find out where the nearest Resources closet is to you.)
 After notifying the Administrative Assistant that you will be picking up a Display Table Resource box, simply stop by the building where the EcoFaith closet is located and pick up the box during its regular business hours. Each box should contain the following:
1) The box itself with a clipboard with two or more sign up sheets on it and a pen attached tucked inside a sleeve attached to the box. Make sure there are names already on the sign up sheet when you set it out as most people do not want to be the first person to sign their name to a sign up sheet.
2) A reusable table cloth on top of the box upon opening it so that the table cloth can be placed onto the display table first
3) EcoFaith bookmarks with The Practices for Awakening Leadership on
4) The Little Booklet of EcoFaith Recovery
5) EcoFaith business cards with no name printed on them so that you can write in your own if you desire to give out EcoFaith contact information in this way.

6) EcoFaith folding business cards with The Practices for Awakening Leadership inside.

EcoFaith mugs with The Practices for Awakening Leadership  printed on them and sometimes also books for sale. They can be sold for $10 each or whatever price is indicated on the item. People purchasing these items can make out their checks to EcoFaith Recovery, P.O. Box 12612, Portland, OR with a memo indicating the money is for mugs and/or books. At some events, it will not feel appropriate to sell such items. If that is the case, just leave such items in the box under the display table.
If you will not be at the display table all the time, you may set out the little plastic box marked for contributions and use your judgement as to whether you would like to have items available on the honor system.
 [Please add other detailed information here along with photographs of the specific items that should be in every box Display Table Resources box so that any individual picking up a box for the first time can pull up this list on their cell phone and quickly inventory whether all of the items they need are in the box.]