Now that most of us will be spending our time at home, here are helpful resources to find spiritual grounding during stressful times, continue to develop relationships even when physically isolated at home, discover and share more about our stories in this unique time, reach for and mentor one another, collaborate to act together even when we can’t meet in person, spend some of this forced time of introspection to reflect, and utilize this unprecedented time of slowing down (for many) to regain and restore our balance.

We are pulling together the most relevant resources for this particular time and circumstance. But, you can find many more resources all throughout our website. So we invite you to take a look around.


Practice #1 ACCESS Spiritual Power

Consciously connect with the indwelling God to rediscover our belovedness, our God-given power, and our place within God’s evolving universe.

Our Biosphere Exercise – You can do this on your own or with your family. Supplies needed: a cup of water and grapes (or other fruit/food)


Practice #2 DEVELOP Relationships

Consciously awaken the power-among that arises when we engage in authentic conversation and relationship.

EcoFaith’s One-to-One Conversation Workbook – You can still plan for and conduct one-to-one conversations with folks. This is a great way to stay connected and continue to learn more about people in your community. This workbook includes worksheets for planning your one-to-ones, prepping for the conversations, reflecting on the conversations, and much more.


Practice #3 DISCOVER Our Stories

Consciously recognize the power of God’s presence at work within our lived experience, the lives of others, and the stories of the places we live.

Self & Us & Now – Public Narrative Workbook by Marshall Ganz (External Link) – “In this worksheet you will focus primarily on your story of self. But public narrative is not primarily a form of self-expression. It is an exercise of leadership by motivating others to join you in action on behalf of a shared purpose. Although this worksheet focuses on your ‘story of self’, the goal is to identify sources of your own calling to the purpose in which you will call upon others (story of us) to join you in action (story of now).”


Practice #4 MENTOR One Another

Consciously draw out the gifts, wisdom and life-giving power of others, and share our own, by mentoring and being mentored.

28 Prayers for the 4 Dimensions of The 7 Practices – This document has prayers for all 7 Practices, and in the section on Practice 4 we are invited to remember how the whole of creation is our mentor. So even when we cannot meet each other in person, we can reach out via video or phone and also expand our perspective on mentors to include the non-human life all around us.


Practice #5 ACT Together

Consciously engage the power of collective action, in the service of God’s healing and justice-seeking work for human communities and the whole creation.

Carbon Gardening – If you have lawn space you can learn more about Carbon Gardening on our page here. Carbon Gardens are natural spaces designed to facilitate the work of soil-dwelling creatures, plants and trees to pull excess carbon dioxide out of the air in order to draw carbon back into the ground. Carbon Gardens vary widely. But all are designed to help re-balance the carbon cycle by working with earth’s natural processes to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is destabilizing the climate and bring carbon back into the ground where it is needed to enrich depleted soil. Carbon Gardens may exist in many places such as portions of a household yards, apartment balconies with container plantings, hospital courtyards, workplace window gardens, vacant lots, and across school grounds.


Practice #6 REFLECT On Our Actions

Consciously reflect upon and evaluate our actions and the ways we use power, in order to learn and grow into mature and courageous leaders.

Examen Prayers On Your Phone (External Link) – Download the Reimagining the Examen app to have a mobile and easily accessible “modern take on St. Ignatius’s 500-year-old prayer. Its Examens can be adapted to users’ particular needs and situations. With thoughtful reflections on relationships, pending decisions, times of transition, or gratitude, users can review their day with God wherever they are.”


Practice #7 RESTORE Balance

Consciously re-align our lives with the sacred and natural rhythms of Life expressed through the whole of God’s creation.

Red River Prayer by Samuel Lockridge – Link to lyrics of this song and the YouTube video here. Music can often be a powerful tool to help restore balance. Enjoy the song!