Hello friends!

Through EcoFaith Recovery, we just participated in what Van Jones called the most important ballot measure in the country, which turned into a one-of-a-kind, historic, ground-breaking, led-by-frontline-communities-people-powered victory!
A victory, which will translate into $30+ million A YEAR to lift up economically and racially oppressed people right here in Portland and reduce our collective carbon footprint.
A victory, which will inspire cities throughout the country to pass similar measures to bring similar investment in a just green economy.
A victory, which has knit together groups of extraordinary diversity into a single garment of destiny here in Portland.
That’s the reign of God, friends, pure and simple.
However you participated in this campaign, it mattered. Now, let’s REFLECT and CELEBRATE (Practices 6 and 7)!!!!
Most of you have committed to coming. Yay!!! Now, a few requests…
1) Please bring beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks) to share! We got a Thrivent grant to pay for dinner catered by Po’Shines, but $250 will just cover the food. So if you can bring some celebratory beverages to share, that would be great!
2) Invite your PASTOR to come with you! And/or invite someone from your congregation. What a great opportunity to let someone experience EcoFaith with such a joyous occasion!
3) Can you come help set up beforehand? Can anyone(s) come help set up the Fireside room at Augustana and get set for food to arrive around 5:30 and guests to arrive starting at 6:00? I plan to be there by 5:00. Can you join me?
4) Are you interested in leading a part? Here is the link to the agenda (copied below as well). Please take a look, and if you are interested in leading one of the parts, please email or text me (503-381-0931).
I’m so looking forward to celebrating with you! We kicked off this adventure in earnest one year ago at our EcoFaith Institute. Now we celebrate sweet victory after an extraordinary year!
Blessings, all!