Dear friends,

This afternoon, after a wonderful but rather hyperactive week   . . . . I’m tired. So, I’m writing a simpler, easier post today than I usually do. Some of my friends in this group have been setting good examples to me of Practice 7/Renewal. Camping near the McKenzie river and Midwestern family reunions — abstaining from wifi and email in the process —  are two forms of renewal I’ve  recently heard about. 

I’m curious: where and how do you find renewal? All my instincts, as well as EcoFaith, tell me we are moving forward even as we rest and renew ourselves.

Our EcoFaith PCEF leadership team is meeting this Tuesday evening – as an extrovert, I will find that fellowship to be renewing! — and I plan to write next week on what we discuss and discern about our next steps.

I continue to feel joy and deep spiritual satisfaction in working on the Portland Clean Energy Fund campaign. Last night I got to talk about PCEF with the Social Justice committee of the Portland Mennonite Church. — thank you, Linda, for setting that up.  And tomorrow evening I plan to meet with the Climate Change/Environmental Justice committee of Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good (MAC-G), whose members are largely churches, to talk about working with that experienced group of organizing on PCEF.

Thanks to Susan, Tyler and Caroline for stepping up to do crucial data-entry of PCEF petition-signers. We can now all do this  (quite easy) volunteer work from home on our computers. Please let me know if you’d like to step into this, too!

As you can see, I sometimes mention folks by first name as they participate in EcoFaith and/or PCEF.  If you do not want me to ever mention you, please let me know, and I’ll be sure to honor that request.

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