Dear friends, 

I’m in the PCEF Validation Office, wrestling with files of yellow signature sheets that become bulkier every day (a good problem). Sweet-faced volunteers come in to work a few hours, some expected, some not. New idea from Lenny on a better way to validate the signature sheets. It’s a great idea! Brent’s on board! But now, figure out with Jane how to re-train the volunteers to do it the new way. Ai-yai-yai.

Constant changes. As a full-time PCEF volunteer now, my work-day in the midst of a political campaign is as fluid as water. The spiritual concept of surrender comes in handy.  

I happily think of my 1:1 with Caroline after work on Wednesday night (developing relationships is Practice 2.). We took a good, sweaty walk (I like sweat!) in the Irvington neighborhood, followed by a dinner enhanced by air conditioning. Caroline and I find we have much in common, despite our 33 year age difference. 

It’s not easy to be people of faith, passionate ones, in this intensely secular bubble that is Portland. Our encouraging each other on this path is a form of co-mentoring (Practice 3). And I come away from my time with Caroline feeling renewed (Practice 7).

Sometimes the EcoFaith practices all flow together. Like water.

Of course, other days, I forget about the practices and struggle, as if I’m trying to run in mud.

I receive a text from Robyn H. that she’s meeting with the fellow EcoFaither with whom I’m in disharmony (I mentioned this last week). Good, I text back, reflecting that Robyn will have a wiser mind here than mine. 

And, my final thought for this week:

You’re invited!
EcoFaith Signature-Gathering
Sunday Parkways, June 24th, Noon – 4

Rose Garden of Peninsula Park
N. Ainsworth & N. Kirby

In next week’s post I will at least start to envision Life After PCEF,
and I’ll float the idea of an EcoFaith Retreat after the November election.

Thanks and blessings,

Alison Wiley