EcoJustice Mentorship for Youth/Young Adult

EcoFaith Recovery recently received funding from the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (WELCA) for a stipended internship. This mentored internship is designed for a young woman aged 18 who is affiliated with a local Christian faith community. The internship is designed to nurture and develop her leadership capacity while investigating an environmental issue that affects women in the Pacific Northwest.

The mentored internship (minimum of 100 hours) will begin in the Fall of 2012 and will be completed on or before May of 2013. The intern will be mentored by a mutually agreed upon female leader, either lay or ordained, from a local Lutheran or other Christian faith community. Under the supervision of the mentor, the grant recipient will engage in a relational-based investigation and reflect theologically upon an environmental (ecojustice) issue that disproportionately affects a particular population of women and their communities in the Pacific Northwest.

The intern will develop her leadership skills through the creation and organization of an educational event, training, or action which seeks to advance greater health and wholeness for the affected population in some way. This event will be the culmination of the internship.

Throughout the process, the intern will meet once or twice a month with her mentor and also offer occasional blog posts to share her journey and what she has learned with the wider EcoFaith Recovery community.

If you have questions or would like an application, please contact Pastor Robyn Hartwig at or any member of the EcoFaith Recovery Core Team.

We look forward to conversations with you and receiving your proposal and engaging your ideas and imagination. Thank you!

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