Posted: June 29, 2012

Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.



EcoFaith Recovery has created INTERNSHIPS for young adults to develop as leaders and deepen the community’s understanding of the ecological-economic-spiritual crisis we find ourselves in.  These internships include both stipends and mentoring.  We are currently inviting applications for the following internship position.  If you are interested in exploring this as a possibility, please fill out the attached application form and contact Dick Harmon of the EcoFaith Core Team at the email address below. 





Subject: Research the financial and political players with stakes in the Willamette River Superfund site, including:


—Short profiles and histories of companies and political officials.


—Clear outline of each player’s role in the site, and interest in site clean- up.


—Clear outline and calendar of EPA’s process.


—Range of cost estimates, and reaction of each player to those costs.


—Clear statement of the public interest in site cleanup, especially estimates of how much cost will fall on city, country and state governments, and on citizens.


Skill-development: Calls for building experience in face-to-face interviews with various players, and writing up research as “notes” for a story.


Outcome: An institutional power analysis of a major local issue.


Timeframe negotiable

Stipend, up to $1,000


Contact: Dick Harmon

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