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EcoFaith Recovery’s Goals for the Internship Program
  1. Create and network small groups and learning communities who dare to name and understand how and why our civilization has become unsustainable, and together draw upon our spiritual resources to discover new and sustainable ways of being
  2. Engage, mentor and nurture youth and young adults to grow into leaders who can provide spiritual, economic and community leadership for decades to come
  3. Build and re-build powerful institutions and networks that not only understand the causes of this crisis, but that can also employ the vast resources of Christianity, creation, cosmos and community toward the work of healing

Purpose of Internships

EcoFaith Recovery internships are designed to provide opportunities, especially for young adults,

  1.  to further the mission and advance the goals of EcoFaith Recovery, and
  2.  to develop leadership qualities, skills and knowledge around dreams that will help advance human recovery from consumerism using a faith based approach to caring for creation.

General Structure of Internship

  • Usually out of a conversation with someone familiar with EcoFaith Recovery, you as a prospective intern will make an application for an internship. That application is available through the director of EcoFaith Recovery.
  • Internships usually last between three and twelve months and involve 100 hours of work to accomplish the goals of the internship. The internship stipend is typically $1000, payable as work on the internship is completed.
  • If and when you are approved for an internship, you will sign an internship agreement with EcoFaith Recovery.
  • Upon approval of the internship, you will be assigned a mentor to help you focus the internship and to journey with you through the process. Your input is encouraged in the final selection of the mentor.
  • Together with the mentor, you will prepare an internship covenant that includes goals and specific, measurable objectives for the internship. (Guidelines for the covenant will be provided. The covenant will be used for you Mid and Final Internship reports.) You will submit this covenant to the leadership of EcoFaith Recovery for approval. EcoFaith Recovery will provide ultimate supervision to the internship.
  • To provide you with support and accountability, you will meet with your mentor every 2-3 weeks or once a month for year-long internships. It is best if those meetings happen in a face-to-face environment.

To learn about what some of our current interns are up to, please click here.

If you are interested in more information about a possible internship with EcoFaith Recovery, please contact Pastor Robyn Hartwig at


Pre-defined Internships

Graphic Design Internship with EcoFaith Recovery

EcoFaith Recovery is seeking an intern who can develop his/her leadership skills while engaging a 100 hour project to help us make our work more visually appealing. We are seeking an artistic or graphic design intern who will create original graphic images for use on our website and brochures. The intern would develop his/her leadership skills by working with a volunteer mentor and one or more key leadership teams within EcoFaith Recovery. If you know an 18-29 year old, who is connected with a Portland-metro congregation who could grow as a leader through such an internship, check out the information on our website or email for more information! A stipend of $1,000 is offered and monthly hours and length of internship are negotiable.

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To learn more about our SuperFund Internship, click here.


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