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“Waking Up to Our Spiritual Power”

Join EcoFaith Recovery for our Fall Leadership Retreat. These quarterly retreats allow us to spend the day embodying some of EcoFaith Recovery’s core practices – leadership development, spiritual grounding and relational practices.

Whether you’ve been connected with EcoFaith Recovery for a long time or are brand new to this movement, please bring others from your faith community as we engage in the Practices of spiritual grounding, relational practices, telling our stories, seasonal actions, mentoring, and conscious leadership development.

Spend the morning deepening our engagement with the Practices of Spiritual Grounding, Relationally Connecting, Telling our Stories, Reflection and Evaluation. Spend the afternoon charting the way forward in interest groups where we will seek the Spirit’s guidance as we plan and organize ways we and our faith communities can engage take action for the recovery of human life and the healing of God’s creation.

Where:  St. Andrew Chapel (12405 SW Butner Road Beaverton, Oregon 97005) and the outdoor Sanctuary in the Firs

When:  9 am – 3 pm

What do we do at the retreats?

  • Clarify the mission and vision of EcoFaith Recovery
  • Ground ourselves in the spiritual and relational resources needed to sustain this work,
  • Discover together how the Spirit is bringing new life through the eight Initiatives of EcoFaith Recovery,
  • Be inspired, uplifted, and energized for the important work ahead,
  • Engage new leaders ready to get more deeply involved in the great work of our time,
  • Learn about and offer input into a leadership development model for use, not only within the Initiatives of EcoFaith Recovery, but also within our own congregations and communities!

Who Should Come? If you have been active in any area of EcoFaith Recovery’s work (Beyond Fossil Fuels, Simply in Season, Organizing in the BioCommons, Preaching in the Biocommons, Internships, Mentoring, etc.) and are interested in deepening your engagement within the work of EcoFaith Recovery, this gathering is for you!

Interested in helping plan this Leadership Retreat? Want to volunteer at the event? Email Rachael:

To see what we’ve done at past leadership retreats go here. 


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