This page is dedicated to supporting everyone in EcoFaith’s community and your larger network during this intensely difficult situation. Community and spiritual grounding are deeply imbedded in everything we do as EcoFaith Recovery. The times we are currently in call even more for accessing spiritual power, power among community, power in story, power in action, and even power in seeking rest and balance – especially when many of us may feel disempowered, overwhelmed, isolated, and afraid.

Below there are helpful resources you can engage in individually, with your family, or as a community even as we maintain physical distance. Also, keep an eye out on our Events page to see upcoming ways to connect with other EcoFaith leaders online.

“Social Distance” ➤ Physical Distance + Social Solidarity

Spiritual Grounding for Individuals and Communities

We have many resources on our ACCESS Spiritual Power (Practice #1) page that you can find here. You’ll find videos, music (recorded and lyrics), talks and reflections, poems, and more.

Here is also a highlighted Practice #1 resource that you can do at home with a cup of water and grapes (or other fruit) –  Our Biosphere Exercise

Another important aspect of spiritual grounding found in the interpersonal dimension of Practice #1, is that it involves “the power of love by awakening to God’s indwelling presence in the people and other members of God’s creation we encounter.” If you are in quarantine alone, remember that you are not truly alone. God’s indwelling presence is found in all aspects of life on this beautiful planet. What non-human life can you commune with that is in your space right now? The animals, the trees, the breeze or bees?


Rev Solveig Nilsen Goodin’s Earth Day Sermon, which courageously addressed the unprecedented time we are in, the reality of death, the unjust suffering of marginalized communities, and Earth Day’s continued call for justice, faith, and action.

Send us your reflection on how you are Accessing Spiritual Power during this time and we’ll share you story online with the larger community – email Feel free to send writing, video, pictures, etc.


Build Stronger Connections During a Time of Physical Distance

One-to-One conversations and connections are so important right now as we seek to maintain and build relationships during isolation. EcoFaith has crafted a One-to-One Conversation Workbook to guide your process of brainstorming, setting up, conducting, and reflecting on one-to-ones. You’ll learn about the philosophy behind this practice and how best to engage with it. These conversations are easily conducted via phone or video chat.

EcoFaith’s One-to-One Conversation Workbook

Who in your community have you not connected with, but would be interested in learning more about? Who might be living alone at this time and could use some connection?




Realign to the Balance of Creation

There is a big discussion around how this crisis could help humanity realign or “reset”. This perspective can seem to come from a place of privilege, from those that have the opportunity to “slow down” or not be as drastically affected by COVID-19, the economic upheaval, etc.

Practice #7 – RESTORE balance, calls us to consciously re-align our lives with the whole of God’s creation. This includes bringing forth the voices of marginalized communities and essential workers. What can you do to support those facing the greatest hardship in the pandemic? Learn more about relief efforts and utilize your resources to help however you can.




Take Action and Make a Difference

Even while we are engaged in physical distancing, there are many ways we can act together through social connection and coordination from home! EcoFaith leaders are currently developing a Just Vote Campaign through which we will organize our communities to turn out the vote for climate justice. 

EcoFaith’s Community Carbon campaign has a section dedicated to articles that provide more information on the different “Pathways”, such as Justice, Worship, Ecology, and Relationships. As you have capacity, now would be a great time to continue to expand your knowledge and maybe even create a discussion group with friends or folks in your community. Learn more here.

The Carbon Garden initiative from the Community Carbon campaign provides an opportunity to learn more about carbon sequestration, get your hands in the dirt, and transform your lawn (or school yard or other private or public land). Learn more about Carbon Gardening and how you can start capturing more carbon in the soil today.

Take Action Today to transform our political and economic system toward greater climate justice for all. These are specific actions you can take from the comfort of your own home with EcoFaith’s Organizing partners. Then get out the word to your communities so you can act together: 


Host a Climate Justice Documentary Film Discussion. EcoFaith leaders created a film discussion script that you can follow while leading your own discussion within your community. You can find the film discussion script HERE, along with the recording of our model discussion.

Climate Justice Documentaries: