We are EcoFaith Recovery.  And we are recovering.
We are a broad network of volunteer leaders and faith-based communities spreading across the country who are:

  • recovering our true vocation as people of faith and citizens of earth;
  • restoring our sanity in the midst of an addictive culture and economy;
  • reconciling a right-relationship with all of creation, including all human communities;
  • rediscovering courage to rise up with the most vulnerable and oppressed in the face of human systems that escalate injustice and climate change;
  • reclaiming our prophetic imagination for the flourishing of an earth-honoring and life-honoring faith, economy, and culture.

We are EcoFaith Recovery.  And we are recovering.

Our Mission

  • To identify existing and emerging leaders,
  • develop our leadership potential through EcoFaith “Practices for Awakening Leadership, and
  • lift one another up to support our faith communities in taking courageous public action for the recovery of human life and the healing of God’s creation.

We are a faith-based leadership development effort grounded near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers in Portland, Oregon and expanding out to other parts of the country through the leadership of our 30 young adult interns (thus far). We seek wisdom from the traditions of faith, ecology/eco-justice, relational organizing and 12 step recovery for the purpose of revitalizing communities of faith to make a lasting difference for the healing of the world.

Learn more about staff & how to contact us here.

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