Hi all,

I’ll start with a reminder of our upcoming meeting this Saturday, June 9th. The meeting itself starts at 10:30 am at Emily Herbert’s apartment (or via Zoom). We’ll also be gathering at the Convention Center at 8:45 am for signature gathering together before the Rose Parade. See Alison’s email from Wednesday (11:37 am) for full information.

The news from the PCEF campaign is very promising. We’re doing well on signature gathering with the volunteer gatherers leading the way. Adriana Voss-Andraea (350PDX) expressed gratitude for volunteers’ outstanding contribution at the most recent organizing committee meeting. That means you, so take a moment to let that gratitude flow through your whole self!

All we have to do now is the same thing over again and we’re there. Well, not exactly the same thing because we have to find different people to sign! The good news we’ve experienced this signature gathering thing and we just need to find different venues for doing what we know.

We’ll have opportunities to share successes (and flops) at our upcoming meeting. We’ll also take time to collaborate on how we take action together over these next four weeks to reach our important goal.

Take a few moments to think about new venues where we can gather signatures. What support do we need to do it? From whom?

Let’s share these ideas on Saturday.

With much gratitude,


Co-chair, EcoFaith Recovery PCEF Cohort

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