Hi EcoFaith Friends,

We’re well into the second phase of the PCEF campaign. There are only 29 days left until ballots get mailed (Oct 17) and 49 days until election day (Nov 6)!
Yes, the one that Van Jones called one of the most important ballot measures in the nation for 2018. Van characterized PCEF as brilliant: “It opens doors of opportunity to help people and the planet at the same time, with the same dollar. You take 1% from the 1%, and use it to help the 100%.” Watch him here.
Wow! I’ve been working on PCEF for many months and never managed to speak a phrase like that one. So clear, concise and full of impact. Brilliant, Van!
Here at EcoFaith Recovery we have a bunch of adult forums and house parties scheduled and in planning. Have you scheduled yours? We’ve got many resources to help plan and run your event. See the list below my signature line. We also have volunteers willing to be a mentor for you and your team. Let me know if you want a mentor to help you through.
We’re also joining the campaign in phone banking and door knocking. Alison, Ed and I have all been out knocking on doors. Others of you have done phone banking. Ed Kaiel came back from his canvassing round all aglow after many affirming interactions. It’s not realistic to expect all of our encounters to be affirming, but those are the ones that I remember and give me energy.
Phone banking happens Monday through Thursday 5pm to 8pm at PCEF Campaign HQ (1821 SE Ankeny). Organized canvassing is Saturday and Sunday with shifts 10am to 2pm and 1pm to 5pm. You can canvass Monday through Thursday evenings as well.
Jump on this “most important in the nation” bandwagon now! There are only a few short weeks left.
Scott Shurtleff
Co-Chair, EcoFaith Recovery PCEF Cohort
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