Just Vote Stories of Action:

(These stories were crafted through participation in EcoFaith’s Tell Your Climate Justice Story Training, learn more here.)

Harriet Cooke’s Story for Organizing Green New Deal

Scott Shurtleff’s Story for Organizing – Letter Writing to Swing States


Allie Knofczynski’s Story of Organizing – Sustainability in Action

I’ve always had a deep fascination with nature and Creation. It’s safe to say that I’m more likely befriending animals and plants than people. I feel most connected to myself and God when among towering trees and lush foliage.

For a while, I lost that passion for and connection with Creation. After spending all of my teenage years struggling with anorexia, I discovered veganism and plant-based living. Simply put, it was my saving grace in finding true physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

I resonate with veganism for its inherent compassion for all living beings and its call to unveil the cruelty behind disconnecting our choices from the ecosystems and creatures they impact. While eating less meat already makes a significant environmental impact, my heart continually pulls toward doing more and rekindling the severed connections among humanity all of Creation.

Digging deep into all the daily choices we each make, we’re constantly disconnected from our actions and their repercussions. Whether it’s fast fashion, single-use plastic, or other unsustainable practices, we so often cling to the routines we know and ignore everything that goes on behind the scenes. When we look into another’s eyes, whether they be human or creature, we don’t see ourselves; we see an “other” to exploit and capitalize. In viewing the world through a spiritual lens, it’s clear that our unique stories are glistening threads woven into a single larger tapestry. We just need to recognize it.

Although the greatest contributors to climate change are industries, not individuals, we as consumers still play a vital role in creating a more just, sustainable world. Our dollars and ballots matter. By implementing greater mindfulness into our everyday decisions, we can set the tone for true human and Earth justice. As we now find unity amid several global crises, let us truly see each other and our innate spirituality. Let us be conduits for change.



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